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"Zero Plus Design"

Our interior design and build team has more than 20 years experience.
Providing services for commercials.

​We treat every project with heart and love, provide the finest service.

And build a better place and create a better life for you.

Every aspect of what we design and every details are care your needs.

Our design could speak about it like it’s our own life-story with you.

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Zero・Plus  MISSION


It means things or even infinity are start from zero, which is also a balance between positive and negative.

Symbol means "Harmonious" to us as well. We look forward to bring the perfect design to you.


It could means "With" in chinese, because we pursue to create a connection with zero-distance with all people around the world.

And we listen carefully to your needs, and stand in your side to design unlimited possibilities for you.

Zero Plus・VISION 

Everything start from ZERO, from design concept to reality.


That's right, we insist bring it to life. 
To create a better place for you.

"We do much more than just design."

Draft Plan

Design & Build It In Reality
"We do much more than just design"

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